Pest Control Do’s and Dont’s

While delivering a Pest Control Service through out our area I see many examples of mistakes that people have made when they realise they have a Pest Problem. Here are just some simple Do’s and Dont’s that could make your Pest problems easier and cheaper to deal with.


DON’T…… Drag beds or mattresses from the room, this will spread eggs and bugs throughout your home.

DO…….. Bag up and seal all materials from the infected room (clothes, bedding any linen etc.) Its much better and to contact a pest controller first before doing this for full information about how to kill bugs and eggs in infected items.

DON’T…… Spray bed bugs with anything that you have bought over the counter, this type of DIY pest control can just excite bedbugs rather than kill them, spreading the bed bugs further throughout your house.

DO……. Contact a professional pest controller ASAP, bedbugs are one problem you cannot deal with on your own.

Please follow the link For more information about the do’s and dont’s of bedbug pest control


DON’T…… Buy cheap traps or bait from DIY shops. This will just make them more difficult to remove (and more expensive) in the long run.

DO……. Make sure that all food sources are removed. Clean kitchen area’s and any other area’s you believe they may be obtaining food. This will make rodents and vermin easier (and cheaper) to deal with.


DONT…. waste money on ‘flea bombs’. They DON’T WORK at all. They may at best kill some adult fleas, but the real problem is the unhatched eggs within carpet and furniture.

If you have any further questions about any do’s or dont’s when dealing with pest control please feel free to give Ian Smith Pest Control on 07821 318954

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Throughout history wherever and whenever man has made his home he has also very quickly found himself to have unwelcome lodgers in the form of rodents, mainly rats and mice. The reasons for controlling rodents generally fall into 2 categories-

Protection of health and the prevention of disease.

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