Grey Squirrel Problems and Squirrels in lofts

Squirrel Bolton Pest ControlAs grey squirrels become more common, to the detriment of our native reds and song bird populations, so the chances of them entering our homes and posing real problems becomes ever more likely. Serious problems are almost certain if you get squirrels in loft spaces, given the amount of wires and pipes that most people have up there.

The main problems that I come across as a pest controller right across Lancashire and Greater Manchester, are in relation to squirrels in loft spaces. Here they are at best  likely to cause disturbance to the residents below, one squirrel will often sound like a herd of elephants to someone in the room underneath. At worst they begin to chew wires that run through the loft space posing a real threat of expensive repairs due to lose of services and also the attached threat of fire from exposed wires.

Wires chewed by a long till it starts a fire?

Wires chewed by a squirrel……how long till it starts a fire?

They will often gain access through fascia boards and soffits  causing much damage, which can be even more serious should they damage roofing tiles in their efforts to gain access.

Squirrel Trouble

Grey squirrels will also carry fleas, these are often very obvious when one view a squirrel close up, they often had very high levels of flea infestations. These fleas can in some cases infest the house below, breeding and reproducing in the carpets and furniture. This, of course, leads to further pest control issues.

Grey squirrel: Sciurus carolinensis-Facts and information.

The squirrels that we often see in our gardens and parks were first brought to Britain in the mid-19th century and it didn’t take long for it to spread. Many of the squirrels that we see  today came from releases at Woburn Park, Bedfordshire.  They were introduced here from North America, where they are seen as a game animal, hunted under license and are favorite on the dinner plate . It is thought that there are upwards of 2 million squirrels in Britain today, compared to around 100,00 of our Native Red Squirrels which now only exist in small isolated populations.

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