Domestic mouse control

I receive many calls from people throughout our area who have seen mice in their home. Some people realise that having rodents in the house can lead to all sorts of problems from chewing of wires, which presents a fire risk, to the spoiling of food stuffs and spreading of diseases but at the same time they don’t like the idea of hurting an animal within their home. Other calls will be from people who, having seen a mouse, go into panic and will even move out of the home until the problem is solved.

I offer a fast, efficient, understanding service and I’m on call to offer reassurance at all times . Catching and dealing with mice within your home is quite straightforward and a solution can usually be in place within a few hours of giving me a call. As well as dealing with any rodent problems you may have I will also offer free advice on making sure your home is as rodent proof as possible in the future.

Mice in Commercial Properties.

I offer a full pest control service to all commercial properties in Lancashire and Greater Manchester for all mice and rodent problems. I can offer a one off service to remove a mouse infestation or contracts to keep your business free from mice over a longer period.

The house mouse (Mus musculus) is one of the most common mice that you are likely to encounter within your home. They will usually appear  to be about 3 1/2″ long, though people descriptions of size can vary depending on how much of a panic they are in! They have been known to jump upto 18″ and when looking to proof a property I always believe anything they can get their head into they will get their body through.

The gestation period is normally around 20 days, and they will normally give birth to 6-8 young though up to 14 have been known. A  female can often have upto 10 litters a year so it is obvious how quickly a mouse problem can develop. A young mouse will normally breed at 8 weeks but it is possible for a mouse to breed as young as 5 weeks.

I also see increasing numbers of wood mice in peoples homes. These are much larger than the house mouse and have longer ears and tails. The wood mouse has much more of a tendency to chew. Most cases of chewed water pipes can be traced to wood mice. They also like to nibble on the foam pipe lagging in lofts. Their habit of collecting stones and pieces of plaster and forming little piles makes them intereesting little creatures.

For Domestic and Commercial pest control in Bolton, Preston, Wigan and Blackburn as well as throughout Greater Manchester and the North West contact me, Ian Smith, on 07821 318954.

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Moles can be an expensive pest to deal with in the agricultural environment, I pride myself on my ability to tackle mole control over large areas. My methods combined with my experience, enable me to deal with mole problems in such an efficient way that I am one of the cheapest traditional mole catchers operating in Lancashire and the North West.

Throughout history wherever and whenever man has made his home he has also very quickly found himself to have unwelcome lodgers in the form of rodents, mainly rats and mice. The reasons for controlling rodents generally fall into 2 categories-

Protection of health and the prevention of disease.

Ian Smith pest control delivers a comprehensive insect control and monitoring service, helping your business identify insect-related risks and remove avoidable costs. I'm an experienced technician who carry's out detailed inspections and identify's any areas of infestation.


I provide many forms of bird-pest control, including bird proofing and bird scaring which incorporates falconery response, audio deterrents, electric deterrents and bird repellant gels for every type of bird problem. Get in touch for a no obligation quote from Ian Smith Pest Control.