Pest Control in Leigh.

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For a long time we were based just down the road in Westhoughton. Though we have recently moved from our original location we still have a large presence in the area and are perfectly placed to offer a quick response, to any and all Pest Control in Leigh and local areas. From rodent control such as mice, rats and squirrels to insects such as ants, bedbugs and wasps, I have dealt with all types of pest issue in the Leigh area. And I’m well equipped to instantly deal with all problems instantly. We continue to have a good working relationship with many letting agents and landlords in the area, as well as offering contract cover to many businesses. Indeed if you visit pubs and restaurants around Leigh, Atherton, Hindley and Astley then there is a good chance we offer cover to the business. Providing a guaranteed, pest free environment, for your  health, safety and enjoyment.

Spring time is a time of regrowth, and that is never truer that in the pest control world. Many new born pests flourish in spring after the mating season bringing problems to businesses and home owners alike. Ian Smith Pest Control can curtail any of these problems before they get a chance to establish themselves, this will save a lot of trouble in the near future as well as saving money in the long run

Pest Control Services in Leigh.

These are just some of the pest control services I offer to Businesses and home owners in the area. but remember I offer free advice and quotes on any problems you may have, so feel free to call anytime.

  • Wasps nests/bee swarms
  • Ants, both in domestic homes and businesses
  • Rats/mice
  • Bird proofing
  • Feral pigeon control in warehouses and stores
  • Squirrel control and proofing
  • Loft noises and bad smells

I work through out the Leigh area on a regular basis and know many of the common problems that can effect the area in regards to pests. In Leigh, I currently cover many pubs and shops in the area, indeed just this month (April 2013) I have agreed to cover another two shops on a contractual basis on Wigan Road, Leigh. Remember discretion is my main priority, and I will arrive in an unmarked van.  My aim is to keep the area free from all pest problems without your neighbors or customers knowing I have been, and when I do this, then I consider my job well done!

Pest Control in Leigh
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Rats and mice along with fleas are really making their presence felt this year, as I’m in the area so much it allows me to offer solutions that are much more economical than those offered by some of the bigger companies. Full house sprays and fumigation for fleas and quick a response for rodent calls are just some of the things I have built up a reputation for in our area……Remember its me who will answer the phone and its me who will turn up to solve you pest control issue.

Take a look at some of the common pests and the problems that they cause that I have been contracted to control throughout Leigh in the past.

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Moles can be an expensive pest to deal with in the agricultural environment, I pride myself on my ability to tackle mole control over large areas. My methods combined with my experience, enable me to deal with mole problems in such an efficient way that I am one of the cheapest traditional mole catchers operating in Lancashire and the North West.

Throughout history wherever and whenever man has made his home he has also very quickly found himself to have unwelcome lodgers in the form of rodents, mainly rats and mice. The reasons for controlling rodents generally fall into 2 categories-

Protection of health and the prevention of disease.

Ian Smith pest control delivers a comprehensive insect control and monitoring service, helping your business identify insect-related risks and remove avoidable costs. I'm an experienced technician who carry's out detailed inspections and identify's any areas of infestation.


I provide many forms of bird-pest control, including bird proofing and bird scaring which incorporates falconery response, audio deterrents, electric deterrents and bird repellant gels for every type of bird problem. Get in touch for a no obligation quote from Ian Smith Pest Control.