Being from the Bolton area I have been contracted to do many jobs in and around Bolton and the surrounding locality. I can arrive at your pest problem within the hour if requested. I normally use an un-marked car for all my domestic call-outs.  Also for businesses that would prefer the more discreet approach.

Bolton is my home area, indeed I would be sent all over Bolton on foot and by push bike. I even also went out on the bus to undertake pest control jobs as a teenager! My father did pest control in Bolton so I was often dispatched to check mole traps, mouse baits and insect monitors all over the place. When you cover an area for such a long time you begin to build up a picture of problem areas and how weather and seasons effect them.

For instance the area around Waters Meeting and The Valley Business Park will often seen an increase in rat activity when there is high rain fall. This is when rodents are pushed out of there river bank homes with rising water levels. At the current time (Autumn 22) the areas around Smithills and Deane are hot spot areas for rat issues. Though as the winter continues we will see pest issues increasing all across Bolton and the North West.

Bolton Pest Control Areas

I cover the main townships of the Bolton area.  Living in the area I am sometimes able to respond to any emergency call outs within the hour. Please phone for emergency pest control call outs in Bolton. Rather than using the contact form. The wards that I cover in Bolton that I have recently done work in include:

  • Blackrod
  • Farnworth
  • Horwich
  • Kearsley
  • Little Lever
  • South Turton
  • Westhoughton

I also cover all other districts within the Bolton borough including

  • Egerton
  • Smithills
  • Last Drop Village
  • Barrow Bridge
  • Middlebrook
  • Bradshaw

Local To Bolton Pest Control Specialist

As a local pest controller I know all the different potential pest problems in and around the Bolton area. Helping quickly resolve your pest problem by diagnosing the species. Also the root cause of your pest issue and expertly proofing your home or business.  Safeguarding against future pest problems.

In many areas of Bolton, especially where there is a lot of waste food, pests will always be attracted to that area. This can be managed by an efficient waste control system and regular pest control and prevention techniques. This is a service I can offer as and when its needed, or on a rolling monthly or annual contract. So you can be assured your business will remain pest free and help hugely towards keeping a clean and hygienic working area.

AREA PEST UPDATE-  Wasp  calls in Bolton have now slowed right down as winter creeps in. Its actually been our quietest summer ever for wasp calls. Rats continue to pose problems in Bolton town centre with Bradshawgate and Churchgate always a hot spot. Cluster flies are also causing issues for Bolton residents and these seem to be increasing year with some calls coming at un expected times of year.

– Its interesting to note that Bolton Council are now refused to undertake pest control calls inside peoples homes during the Covid period. Though this can be understood with the worrying Covid situation at times, it is important that pest controllers continue to operate as keyworkers. Smith’s Pest Control continued and continue now, to provide a Covid secure service, constantly revising our procedures inline with Government and industry advice.

For all Pest Control issues in the Bolton area Call Ian Smith 07821 318954

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Take a look at some of the common pests and the problems that they cause that I have been contracted to control throughout Bolton in the past.

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Moles can be an expensive pest to deal with in the agricultural environment, I pride myself on my ability to tackle mole control over large areas. My methods combined with my experience, enable me to deal with mole problems in such an efficient way that I am one of the cheapest traditional mole catchers operating in Lancashire and the North West.

Throughout history wherever and whenever man has made his home he has also very quickly found himself to have unwelcome lodgers in the form of rodents, mainly rats and mice. The reasons for controlling rodents generally fall into 2 categories-

Protection of health and the prevention of disease.

Ian Smith pest control delivers a comprehensive insect control and monitoring service, helping your business identify insect-related risks and remove avoidable costs. I'm an experienced technician who carry's out detailed inspections and identify's any areas of infestation.


I provide many forms of bird-pest control, including bird proofing and bird scaring which incorporates falconery response, audio deterrents, electric deterrents and bird repellant gels for every type of bird problem. Get in touch for a no obligation quote from Ian Smith Pest Control.