Getting Rid Of Bedbugs.

The common bedbug ‘Cimex lecularius’ is becoming an increasing problem throughout the UK and the wider world, Greater Manchester and Lancashire is no exception.

Bedbugs Bolton Pest ControlBedbugs are small wingless insects that measure about 5-7mm when fully grown. They are flattened ‘dorsoventrally’ meaning they are flat to the surface they are attached to rather than being thin like a flea. This means they are perfectly suited to hiding in small cracks and crevices. When a pest controller visits to look for bedbugs he generally knows the usual places they like to hide, some of these places often amaze the homeowner, places such as cracks in bedside lamps or behind wallpaper are often the resting place of bedbugs.

Bug Bites

When the bedbugs hasn’t fed it will appear a pale yellow or brown colour but as soon as they feed and are full of blood they will take on a much darker brown. Bedbugs have a piercing mouthpart  which they use to pierce the host skin, they have three pairs of legs and tarsal claws which are developed for holding onto their hosts skin during feeding.

Bedbugs preferred host on which to feed is the human but if they cant find a human host they will feed on dogs, cats and even poultry. Both the male and female feed on human blood, the female using the proteins from blood to produce eggs. The bedbugs feed during the hours of darkness, as it comes light they will withdraw to their daytime resting areas of cracks and crevices, where they can digest their meal of human blood in peace.

Although their isn’t thought to be a problem with biting bedbugs spreading disease it really isn’t pleasant to have an infestation, the bites often causing itching, swelling and redness for most people. Once you know you have a problem most people struggle to sleep.


The first thing if you believe you have a problem with biting insects, bedbugs or fleas is to call a local pest controller, PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE BEDDING OR MATTRESSES FROM THE ROOM. You can help by tidying up the floor area, but should you start removing things from the room you are likely to spread bedbugs, eggs and nymphs around your home. 


Problems with bedbugs have increased the world over and there are many causes. As cockroaches have become increasingly rare hotels have relaxed there insect control and this has allowed bedbugs a bit more of a free run not helped by the removal of certain chemicals from recommended use in different parts of the world. When this is mixed with the increase in foreign travel the bedbug can become a successful international jetsetter! Helped by many transient migrant, student and tourist populations.

Bedbugs are also known to be spread by the movement of secondhand furniture, so even bedbugs are fans of some of our popular internet auction sites!

Bedbugs mattress Blackpool Hotel

Bedbugs on a hotel mattress.

Should you need any help or advice for any insect pest control problem call Ian Smith- 07821 318954.

The bedbugs in this picture were found on a hotel mattress. The proprietor had no idea that the bugs were present, even searches of the room had failed to show up signs…bedbugs can go un-noticed for a long period with bites only showing a reaction in a small number of people.

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