Many people have problems with ants in their home and many people have tried all the home remedies and the amateur ant killing products available in garden centers and DIY stores. Sometimes homeowners are able to keep on top of small infestations or maybe they will get lucky and find the nest and be able to destroy the queen directly, but in most cases the DIY ant killer is fighting a loosing battle. Once ants have become established and if the nest is totally out of reach ants can be one of the most difficult pests for a professional pest controller to deal with and totally exterminate.

Ant infestations at Home

Should you require me to attend your home due to ant infestations I have at my disposal insecticides and poison bait stations designed to control individual ant species and designed to be used in different situations.
The common ant or black garden ant, ‘Lasius niger’, often builds its nest under stones or in walls, the wall cavity is often a favorite and bungalows built on a solid slab often seem to be prone to on going ant problems. The black ant is also known to take over other ants nest.

Flying Ants

Ants mate while flying, so when you see large swarms of flying ants you are looking at swarms of young queens and males during their mating flights which can contain thousands of winged males and females. This is often called a ‘nuptual flight’ of ants. You may see these swarms of flying ants from July to September.Once the queens have mated they will land and loose their wings and find a suitable place to create a nest, this of course could be a mile down the road or elsewhere on your property. Meanwhile the males only live for a day or so after the mating flights and will then die. Once again us males getting the short end of the stick!!

There are other types of ant that are found within homes and buildings. Sometimes we find Pharaoh ants, also Ghost  and Argentine ants show up now and again.
Of these we have to show up most caution with the Pharaoh ant. When sprayed these ants will avoid the sprayed area, it acts almost as a repellant rather than killing them. The colony will also respond to this threat by ‘budding’ ie. they will split up and spread, often forming many smaller colonies throughout your property. CAUTION- ALWAYS IDENTIFY ANT SPECIES BEFORE ANY DIY ANT CONTROL. ALWAYS QUESTION YOUR PROFESSIONAL PEST CONTROLLER AS TO YOUR ANT SPECIES BEFORE THEY USE SPRAYS IN YOUR HOME!

For advice or treatment of ants in your home or place of business call- IAN SMITH 07821 318954.

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