Well winters here and so are the winter pest problems!

Around this time of year most pest controllers will be stocking up on rat and mouse baits and those of us responsible for rat control Bolton are no different. My order has just gone in for a batch of outdoor locking rat bait boxes and I have also ordered a new gel bait as I have begun to notice an increased reluctance of some rodents to accept normal grain baits. An order has also gone in for a number of glue board traps, these of course are always a last line of defense but may be an important tool in the coming months.

rat boxes in position

rat boxes in position

The weather over the past month or so has been perfect for rats and has also worked to create a number of specific problems. Over the summer and into Autumn we have had warm settled weather, ideal for any wild animal to breed and reproduce in. When you add to this mix the sudden change to wetter weather then the increased number of rats in sewers, drains and on waste ground need somewhere to go to find shelter and food and its not difficult to guess the areas they will be heading to!

Ideally businesses will be thinking ahead and making provisions to stop rodent problems before they develop and a program over winter rat control Bolton will be put in place. Bait boxes should be sited around the outside of commercial property and any proofing around doors etc should be double checked.

Bolton has a number of rivers and canals and as water levels rise rodents can be driven out of bankings and culverts so properties alongside waterways should pay particular attention to rodent proofing in the coming months. Another step that can be taking to prevent attracting rats and mice to your property is to pay attention to bird tables. These often have scraps of food and piles of seeds underneath where birds have scratched the feed around. Whenever I get a call regarding rats seen in a back garden I always guess that the homeowner has a bird table and 9 times out of 10 I’m proved right. Stand you bird table on a solid base, like an old flag, or area of concrete so you can sweep under it and reduce available food that the rats love.

an ideal rat habitat on a Bolton river

an ideal rat habitat on a Bolton river










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