First of all I’d say……….DON’T PANIC!!!!!!!!


Since the stories about false widow spiders began hitting the headlines I have received many calls asking for advice and have also been getting many pictures of what seem to be false widow spiders in the North of England. I’m sure that many of these are false widow spiders but what the tabloids fail to tell their readers is that there are many species of false widows in the UK but only 1 of them is in any way capable of giving a bite. I have seen many news reports most of which are totally laughable. In 1 report a man had bites all up his legs and he claimed to have been hunted down by a gang of spiders that had been biting him repeatedly!  This is absolute nonsense, one of the sub species of true false widows may be able  to give a bite but only if you caught them and pushed your finger in its face…they certainly would not search you out and bite for no reason!!!

There is also a spider called a ‘missing segment’ spider that looks very similar to the false widow and most of the sighting are of this species.

If you do have problems with spiders I would be happy to spray any areas that you believe are a problem but only after I have done my best to convince you that spiders are the best pest controllers out there!!!!

So don’t worry, don’t believe the tabloid hype and befriend your household spiders they are more afraid of you than you are of them!!!



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