As we fly through November at a terrific speed (does time speed up or is it just because we are getting older?) the summer pest species are coming to an end and we all wonder what the winter will bring. As I write I am still getting the odd calls for wasp nests, these nest are now massive and are as big as washing machines! Wasps are also harder to treat at this time of year if you cant directly access the nest, the nest is producing queens now and its these massive wasps that will find there way into your homes. It always amazes me how busy with workers some nests still are though, there can be literally thousands of wasps attacking as I spray off the nest. 2015 has been a slow year for wasps really, I haven’t done a final count up yet but I believe I have treated less nests than last year, ants were also quieter than usual. Bees were the biggest job this year, one day I received 52 calls asking for advice on bee nests!

bee nest

Inside a honey bee nest.

Bedbug calls have been slower recently, I don’t know why as they are still out there, maybe my website isn’t showing up in searches for bedbugs, I’ll check up on that as soon as I get a minute. Flea calls have been steady, with an increase in difficult cases such as void properties where the letting agent wants to move people in the next day, while swarms of fleas cover my legs….I’m sure some property agents think I’m a miracle worker!

Cluster fly calls have so far been non existent, I have only attended one case so far and that was a repeat customer. I do enjoy treating cluster flies , they are sometimes massive infestations and getting a good result and putting peoples minds at rest is what I do this job for, so hopefully I’ll see a few calls for cluster flies soon. I’m all stocked up to deal with them with the latest traps and a new fogging machine to try out! … bring it on……normally I see a few calls as it comes time to get those Christmas decorations down from the loft and people see the thousands of flies hibernating up there for the winter.

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